Neo-Follicle Stem Cell Therapy (Regenerative Medicine)

Neo-Follicle Stem Cell Therapy (Regenerative Medicine)

Advanced Regenerative Stem cells from skin micro grafts is the most latest form of treatment for both male and female pattern hair loss. This is a USFDA treatment in early stages of hair loss till male pattern grade 3 and female pattern gr2.

MICROGRAFT (dermal/skin):

  • Autologous skin grafts are harvested from patient skin from which progenitor stem cells are prepared. Growth factors and extracellular environment differentiates those stem cells for better follicle regeneration.

NEO Regenerative Device:

  • It is a Robotic microsurgical disposable unit which filters micrografts less than 70 microns. Stainless steel grid with hexagonal holes for precise micro blading the tissue samples.

Progenitor cells, extracellular matrix and growth factors:

  • Stimulate tissue remodelling, increase growth factors, stimulate new blood vessels and promote follicle regeneration.

Single Treatment:

  • Advanced then PRP as tissue derived and increased number of stem cells and growth factors are derived. Safe and very effective and doesn't require multiple sessions. Can be used in combination with hair transplant Surgical procedures.
  • At NEO-follicle transplant clinic, we encompass this newer modality of very safe and effective Neo Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy for Androgenic Alopecia.