Beard Transplant and Restoration in Bangalore

Beard Restoration

Although not for everyone, mustache and beard are signs of masculinity that many men desire. It can be easily attained with the help of our advanced beard transplantation technique.

In some cases, the hair may come in patchy, spotty or may not have a full and denser look. In other instances, hair thinning and loss may occur as a result of genetics, injury, skin cancer removal or cosmetic procedures like facelift surgery and laser hair removal. The state of the art NFT beard restoration technique can recreate the beard density and style you with natural looking beard restoration results.

Moustache and Beard restoration at NFT is a permanent and natural way to get a complete dense beard and mustache. Our beard restoration and beard transplantation is designed for men who want to restore a completely missing beard, add fullness to thinning beard, reshape the beard or even to reconstruct scarred and burned beard.

Donor hair follicle for the beard transplantation process can be extracted from various areas and can be transplanted for a more “masculine” look, also used to conceal acne, burn or accident scars. It is a painless beard restoration procedure that shows fast and evident results leaving no linear scars behind. Beard restoration not only stimulates the growth of fuller, lush beard but also brings back your lost confidence. We make sure transplanted hair grows just like your existing facial hair, with similar texture. The new hair will continue growing normally and will require shaving and trimming. Our expert surgeon will carefully place all donor hair obtained for beard transplantation at the right angle and thickness.

Most men like to have beards as a sign of masculinity, and our clinic is the perfect destination in Bangalore for this purpose. Some men may lose their beard density at a young age or develop patches in adolescence. On the other hand, some older men can also begin losing the fullness of their beards due to aging. Our clinic provides the best beard growth treatment, using cutting-edge techniques and expert doctors.

Our experienced and knowledgeable medical staff are adept at transplanting donor hair follicles to the required regions. In addition, we provide the best services related to beard transplantation and restoration in Bangalore, including cases where beards have been burnt or scarred due to accidents.

At Neo Follicle Transplant, we understand that a beard is a symbol of masculinity for some men. So, we strive to offer the best beard transplant solutions to clients. Our skilful team also ensures that the restored or transplanted beard merges with the existing facial structure and hair, eliminating an artificial appearance.

At NFT, we understand the social stigma a man can face with beard issues. So, to restore your lost beard or conceal your acne in Bangalore, please feel free to contact us.