Best Trichologist in Kochi

Neo Cosmetic Hair Replacement

Trichology is a branch of medical and cosmetic study that is more concerned with hair and scalp. At Neo Cosmetic Hair Replacement, we have india's best and leading trichologist expert Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra. Cosmetic hair replacement helps in guaranteed restoration of the individual's appearance and gives a complete growth of hair, regardless of the stage of hair loss. This is a non surgical hair replacement procedure.

Neo Cosmetic Hair Replacement will result in hair that is exactly identical to our existing hair, in terms of colour, thickness, texture and density. There is a clear understanding by our professionals first with regards to the clients scalp and hair condition, lifestyle and later the cosmetic hair is styled according to their needs. This treatment requires good skills in order to get a natural and stylish look so that it has a perfect blend with the existing hair, thereby ensuring that there is no side effects in cosmetic hair transplant.