FUE Hair Transplant in Kochi

Neo Follicle Hair Transplant - NFT

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction also known as Follicular Transfer is one of the methods of obtaining hair follicles. There is also another method of obtaining hair follicles it is called as “Strip Harvesting”.

The process of obtaining follicular unit is the initial step of follicular unit transplantation. This process was first during the period of 1988 in Japan and they are the ones who introduced 1mm needle for extraction of follicular units. At Neo Follicle we use needle with diameter ranging from 1mm to 0.7mm for extracting the follicular unit with utmost care. Follicular unit extraction is a time consuming process and it develops skills to a high standard. Nowadays NFT methods are performed with 100% precession with the usage of technology. The instrument is designed specifically for the purpose of NFT. The extraction process should be done with care, this is because the success of transplantation can be seen only when the follicles have survived the process and have not been transected. On the flip side, FUT procedure performed using “Strip Harvesting” will result in good extraction of follicular units and will also reduce the number of transected follicular unit to a large extent. After extraction of the follicle units, these should be implanted in the bald region. The implantation should be done with great caution, the depth, direction and angle should be precisely known for contemplating good and natural results. Generally the results of transplantation will be seen within 4 to 6 weeks whereas to see the complete result it will generally take 6 to 9 months. The implanted hair will result in complete natural looking hair throughout the lifetime of the individual.

Quality Standards

NFT conducts the procedure only at the Dermatologist facility. The theatre is well equipped with facilities for monitoring and handling emergencies. At NFT there is a plan for handling emergency plan and every staff member is familiar with emergency plan.

How does Neo Follicle Transplant work?

Extraction of the Hair Follicle

FUT is one of the finest methods of hair transplantation. The natural architecture of the follicular units are preserved and it gives a natural result. The extraction process is with the use of automated machine having a diameter of 0.7mm to 1mm. The procedure is performed by physician having a post graduation in dermatology, who also have an adequate training in dermatosurgery.

Preparation of the scalp

This process commences with infusion of platelets in the area where the follicles are to be implanted, these platelets are commonly known as “Plasma Rich Platelets” (PRP). Why Plasma infusion? These plasma contributes/ acts as a factor that results in good growth of hair. In order to preserve these hair follicles, they are stored in a solution at a predetermined temperature. This enables good growth post implantation.

Implantation of the hair Follicle

NFT implanter is used to implant the segregated hair follicle. The surgeon will determine angel, depth and direction in which the follicle should be implanted with the help of implanter. The result of good growth and natural look of hair is derived only when the follicles are implanted at the right spot and at the required angel, depth and direction. Hence this process must be done with utmost caution.