Hair Fall and Hair Thinning Treatment in Bangalore

Hair fall and hair thinning Treatment

There can be numerous underlying causes for hair fall and hair thinning problems such as thyroid problem, Fluctuation in Hormone level, pregnancy, inflammatory condition, scalp related problems, or even lifestyle problems such as increased level of stress, anxiety, unhealthy diet. Few inevitable causes such as aging and hereditary can cause considerable hair loss.

Although intaking few vitals and following a protein rich diet claim to help you combate scalp related problems the results are not satisfactory. Most hair fall related problems are chronic and seem to last a lifetime without proper medical intervention. At NFT clinic we combine advanced hair restoration techniques and medications to provide you the best results.

Neo Platelet-Rich Plasma is a technique that uses essential growth factors in your own platelet-rich blood cells to stimulate natural hair growth through a process known as bio-revitalization and Neo laser therapy is a procedure that uses cold beam laser technology at a very low frequency which stimulates the weak hair follicles and rejuvenates them to grow healthy hair. These procedures provide natural-looking, long lasting results that can boost your self confidence.These procedures are painless, cost effective and quick, they have no side effects and are the best solution to forget about the hair loss problems once for all. Our experts at NFT clinic will analyse the underlying source of hair fall and help you select the right, personalized procedure that targets the specific problems that are causing Hair Loss or Hair Thinning in your case.