Hair loss Clinics in Kochi

Neo Laser Hair Therapy

For people with hair loss or hair thinning, the solution to this problem is a laser therapy. Neo Laser Therapy uses low level laser commonly referred to as “Red Light Laser” or a “Cold Beam Laser”. The laser therapy or laser treatment uses a low-does laser which gives strength or energy to the hair follicles and helps in growing thicker and denser looking hair. NFT helps in:

  • Controls Hair loss
  • Provides strength to the weak hair
  • Regenerates growth of hair, where the follicles are still alive
  • Enhances the condition of the scalp
  • The hair is gets a new texture

NFT uses lasers (Red Light Laser/Cold Beam Laser) to the hair follicles that stimulates circulation and improves the condition of cells which contributes to growing healthier hair and reduces/ stops hair loss/ hair fall.

NFT is noninvasive, painless, has no side effects and increases hair strength. There is no emittance of heat. The light and energy from the laser is focused more on the affected area, this enriches the hair follicles and contributes to natural looking results of the hair.