Hair restoration clinic in kochi

Neo Scalp Hair Micro-pigmentation (MPG)

The procedure whereby the client gets complete hair is known as Scalp Micropigmentation. This process creates an illusion of fuller hair. Micropigmentation involves the use of the most advanced micro needles to get the pigments into the scalp. This technique is majorly used for creating a denser look in the areas where its bald or thinning. There is no need for any additional care or maintenance to be taken post this treatment. Micropigmentation is also used for females with thin eyebrows, men with less facial hair growth, scarring hair loss etc. Neo MPG is also preferred by those who are recovering from any wounds or burns that have caused them a hair damage. Micropigmentation is more often adopted by those who have undergone Follicular Unit Transplant surgery in order to cover up the scars.

Micropigmentation has no serious side effects. This treatment uses the most advanced micro needles that results in creation of fuller, deeper and denser hair. MPG is most suitable for all kinds of hair loss. Most of the time MPG is prescribed to be performed after FUT surgery. The duration for MPG treatment consists of 2 sittings of 2 hours each. Pigments are first tested before commencing the treatment, thereafter on the completion of the treatment the pigments can last for upto 5 - 6 years provided there is a proper care taken.