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Our continued effort combined with technological advancement has helped us receive the best hair transplant reviews in Bangalore, Kochi, and across India. Our experts in the field of Hair Restoration and Hair Treatment put in immense effort to achieve customer satisfaction. Our customer's reviews are very valuable to us as they help us understand their needs and constructive criticism is essential for the growth of the company.

We understand that hair plays an important role in a person’s level of confidence and polishes their physical appearance, hence we make sure all our customers are happy with the final results that help rekindle the confidence in our customers, this keeps us driven to do what we do. The amazing, natural-looking results are the testimony to the effort and resilience of our team who lay emphasis on delivering world-class treatment and procedures at an affordablerate. Don't take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about our procedures and treatments.

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Pranit Prakash

Started the journey with Dr Sandeep and team after lot of web search for the best doctor for hair transplant in Blore region. Zero-ed on his name after initial consultation on video call and feedback available on web.
While on video call, I liked his genuineness and honesty and was decided that whenever I go for the process and I will go with him.
The process was handled diligently with his team and doctor was available for my medical process. It was easier than what appeared to me initially. The paper work done for fit for flying(to return back from India), prescription and guidance were quite clear.
Furthermore, he was available on phone for consultation post process and he is quick in responding to queries.
Overall, my thumbs up to whole process and Dr Sandeep's team in Bengaluru.

Sarbashis Paul

Had a very good experience here at Neo Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic.The clinic is at prime location with a very clean and calm environment. Dr Sandeep Mahapatra is excellent at his work and very skilled, and so is the staff. Right from day one the support and help was phenomenal. The procedure here is carried under supervision of Dr Sandeep . Dr himself does the briefing about the procedure well in advance and he ensures the patient's concerns are addressed tip to toe. I would like to thank the entire staff at Neo Follicle for providing such an amazing experience. Specially I would like to thank Kavita mam from admin team who has intense care for the patients who visit this clinic. She keeps in constant touch and treats patients like a family. Thanks to Shekar one of the highly trained staff under Dr Sandeep,who had taken special care while performing the procedure.Truly one of the best clinics in Bangalore for hair and skin treatments.
I highly recommend this clinic for any type of issues related to hair or skin. I request the entire staff at Neo Follicle to keep doing the good work. All the best.

Susan Gurung

Neo hair follicle is one of the best hair transplant clinic in bangalore.. Dr. sandeep and his staff were amazing!They answered all my questions and responded to all my fears very honestly.I was made aware of every step in the process and felt completely at ease during and after the procedure. I was very nervous and they made me feel comfortable, were very helpful and checked on me after the procedure.
I would highly recommend Dr. Sandeep to anyone looking for a professional, courteous and qualified group of people.

Saroj Kumar

Thanks for the hair treatment at Neo. After 3 months the result is exceptional and the hair growth is far better and thickness is very well and with 3rd PRP. Thanks to Doctor Sandeep for his inline work and all the staffs who indeed, did a very good job. Thanks to Neo Hair Clinic.

Anuj Sinha

I went through hair transplant surgery one week back. The doctor and team was really really good and informative. Doctor explained about the process properly. Doctor and his team were really good during the procedure. It went without any difficulties i thought i would face. Kavita Mam helped with all the post operative doubts I had, also cleared any doubts later on phone. I would suggest this clinic. Currently i am seeing good initial results and hoping for a great final outcome.

Tarkeshwar Nath Singh

It's been 3 months of my hair transplant. It's growing well and I am really happy with the way it's progressing so far. Would like to Thank Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra and team for all the help. Also I highly recommend Dr Sandeep for any sort of Hair related concerns.

Mallika Mondal

I am now 4 months post op and feel that it's a good time to leave a review! My experience with Neo Hair Follicle was excellent from start to finish, I had 2200 grafts on 4th August 2020 with Dr Sandeep Mahapatra performing the surgery, alongside his team whom were all brilliant and very comforting. I was originally quoted for 1200 grafts however I waited over a year before actually going ahead and booking the surgery meaning the state of my hair had deteriorated more and I now needed the extra 1000 grafts, the consultant I saw the 2nd time realised how much of a difference this was and prescribed me a years worth of 5mg finasteride as a courtesy! As I said I'm now 4 months post op and the results so far are amazing even at this early stage.
Overall my experience was brilliant and I highly recommend Neo Hair Follicle and Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra to anyone looking at getting a hair transplant in the future.

Shekhar Girjapurkar

Dr. Sandeep is so good and friendly and his hands are very good in surgery that you will not even feel anything, no pain no discomfort, the staff is also so good, Dr. Shekhar, Dr. Manjula and Kavitha madam all are very cooperative, so far it is 1 month only for me and can see good results on my hair fall treatment, waiting for good results in future in around 6 to 9 months.

Aslamul Haque

I consulted Dr. Sandeep for hair loss problem. He is very knowledgeable and explains the situation very well. I went ahead with the hair transplant and after 6.5 months there has been a good growth and nobody is able to recognize that I had a transplant.
His clinic staff are also friendly. Overall I'll recommend the clinic for any hair related problems.

Braja Kishore

A big fat thanks to Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra ji. I had 5th grade of baldness and after a year of searching on the internet and visiting many cliniclinics. I came to know about Neo follicle transplant. I decided to make my transplant over there. I had heard that many clinics are doing surgery with their technician. But Dr. Sandeep was with me from the beginning to the end of my surgery. It's been 3 months and 10 days and my result is unbelievable for me and my family and friends. I will show my before n after pics soon. Thank you kavita mam and all the staff.

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Nicely explained everything. Suggested do's and don'ts. Given prescription and very friendly calmly listened issues.

Verified Patient

Wait time was less than ten mins. DR. gave me a lot of time to explain my problem, he was very friendly and could quickly diagnose the problem. He not only gave me medicine for my immediate need, he provided me a long term solution too.


Good attendants. Good painless procedure with good results. highly recommended.

Verified Patient

Had a great experience. Few years I was facing hair issues. Meet so many doctors.. not got proper solutions. Dr. Sandeep has given proper guidance and treatment. Very thankful.

Sumit Kumar Patro

So I started my journey of researching hair transplant surgery getting done in Bangalore 1 year ago. During the initial stage I wasn't sure or was not in a stage where I could decide which clinic to opt for the hair transplant. After lot of research and various clinic consultations.
I came across Neo Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic. Trust me the vibe, the positivity that you will get here is immense. I met Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra who did explain to me about every fact of hair transplant and made sure I am satisfied enough to make a decision further. After having all the shorts of discussion finally we decided to go for the hair transplant on 9th of march 2020. The whole process was so smooth that I didn't even feel the pain throughout the surgery. Post surgery was even more challenging for me because I didn't know what to be done and what not but Dr. Sandeep made sure that each and every information was available to me just a call or message away.
It's been 9 month now to my hair transplant, trust me now I have a different positive feeling about myself and more confident enough. I just feel this was the best decision of my life. Moreover its not that Dr. Sandeep will give you false promises with respect to hair transplant. He is very genuine enough with his advice. A big thank you to Dr. Sandeep and his team for all the efforts they had put to make my hair journey successful. A big yes for Neo Follicle Clinic, those who are asking for hair transplant and hair consultation, without giving any second thought go for Neo Follicle Hair Transplant Clinic.

Shyam Suresh

I had my hair transplant surgery on 25th Sep the procedure went smoothly. Dr. Sandeep and the team were very friendly and supportive.. kept checking in between if i’m feeling any pain or anything, Made sure of my comfort! I had a good experience with the procedure. They gave me clear instructions for the post surgery and i am properly following it...till now everything is going fine, my donor area is almost healed now..not feeling any pain or anything, i have my follow up after 15 days completed. The team is easily reachable via whatsapp and on.
Anyway it will take 2-6 months to see the result waiting for it ( Good things take time) Hoping for the best. Thank you doctor and the team.

User Verified

Appreciate the way the doctor and their staff explained the novel approach being adopted by them to ensure that desired effect and aesthetic outcome can be maximised with minimal invasive area.
Procedure went very smoothly with minimal discomfort for 6-12 hours, then the progression was good. Happy to be in touch with them and really benefited. Thank you Dr.Mahapatra and Ms.Kavita for your care and warmth.