Are you looking for Alopecia Treatment in Bangalore? Pattern Balding is a common problem faced by men and women across the globe. The increased level of stress and anxiety in the past decade has lead to a steep increase in the individual facing balding related problems. Although both men and women face balding issues there is a significant change in the pattern of baldness. Men usually start balding on top and in the front region of their scalp whereas women start experiencing hair thinning and hair loss leading to balding on top of their scalp especially in the crown region, female pattern balding is also called alopecia. Many females start noticing hair thinning and balding problems after their menopause whereas heredity is the major cause for male baldness.

Partial / Complete Balding or Alopecia

Studies show that there are no specific medicine that cure baldness but the advancement of technology has given birth to many modern technique such as Neo-Follicle Stem Cell Therapy which utilises Advanced Regenerative Stem Cells from skin micro grafts is the latest form of treatment for both male and female pattern balding. Individuals in advanced stages of balding and hair loss can opt for Neo Cosmetic Hair Replacement in which you will have a 100% natural human virgin hair which will be identical to your existing hair in terms of its thickness, color, texture and density being replaced on your scalp. Our expert hair transplant surgeon will inspect to understand your hair type and scalp condition and provide you with the right procedure to resolve your concerns.

Balding is a cause of concern in many men and women as they begin losing hair uncontrollably. As balding is more noticeable, and it causes embarrassment in public places. Males develop balding on the top and front of their scalp. On the other hand, females with balding generally face it near the crown region. This physical condition is known as alopecia.

Men and women with partial or complete balding leave no stone unturned to heal it. However, their efforts may have been in vain due to a dearth of medications to cure balding. The good news is that this condition can now be treated using advanced hair treatment methods. NFT provides the best alopecia treatment in Bangalore through our expert doctors and state-of-the-art technologies.

What Makes Us First Choice For Alopecia Treatment in Bangalore?

We use stem cell therapy to regenerate the cells through micro grafting from the skin. It is an effective method in partial or pattern balding. In addition, if one has or is going toward complete balding, we provide cosmetic hair replacement. It involves transplanting natural human hair matching the person’s hair colour, texture, density, and thickness.

Depending on the extent of baldness and suitability of the person, our expert doctors offer suitable alopecia treatment in Bangalore. Hence, if you are looking for similar solutions, please reach us at the contact details mentioned here.