Are you seeking a cutting-edge solution for male and female pattern hair loss? Look no further. Our state-of-the-art Neo Follicle Transplant clinic is proud to introduce the most recent advancement in hair restoration: Advanced Regenerative Stem Cells from Skin Micro Grafts. This groundbreaking stem cell therapy for hair loss, approved by the USFDA, is designed to combat hair loss in its early stages, up to male pattern grade 3 and female pattern grade 2.

Micrograft (Dermal/Skin): Your Source of Transformation

At the heart of this revolutionary therapy are autologous skin grafts harvested from your own skin. These grafts contain precious progenitor stem cells, which, when prepared and utilized, hold the power to transform your follicles. The growth factors and extracellular environment surrounding these stem cells play a pivotal role in enhancing follicle regeneration.

Introducing the NEO Regenerative Device: Precision Redefined

Our NEO Regenerative Device is a marvel of modern technology. This robotic microsurgical disposable unit is designed to filter micrografts, ensuring their size remains less than 70 microns. Equipped with a stainless steel grid featuring hexagonal holes, this device offers unparalleled precision in microblading tissue samples.

Progenitor Cells, Extracellular Matrix, and Growth Factors: The Magic Trio

The success of our Advanced Regenerative Stem Cell therapy lies in its ability to stimulate tissue remodeling, increase growth factors, encourage the formation of new blood vessels, and promote follicle regeneration. It’s the perfect trifecta for hair rejuvenation.

Single Treatment: Beyond PRP

Our Advanced Regenerative Stem Cell therapy surpasses the capabilities of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments. As a tissue-derived therapy, it boasts a higher number of stem cells and growth factors. What’s more, it’s a safe and remarkably effective solution that doesn’t necessitate multiple sessions. For those considering hair transplant surgical procedures, it can also be used in combination to enhance results.

Advanced Regenerative Stem Cells: The Latest Breakthrough in Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss

At NEO Follicle Transplant, we’re at the forefront of innovation in the field of hair restoration. Our commitment to your well-being drives us to offer the very latest and safest treatments. We are excited to bring you Neo Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy for Androgenic Alopecia, a treatment that holds the promise of a renewed, confident you.

Take the first step toward revitalizing your hair and your confidence by scheduling a consultation with us today.