Welcome to Neo Follicle Transplant, where we bring you the latest innovation in hair regrowth – QR678 Treatment. Our cutting-edge non-surgical treatment is patented and is the first-in-line hair regrowth therapy with a USA Patent. Offering superior results compared to PRP, our therapy is Indian FDA-approved, safe, and free from side effects. With plant-derived growth factors, QR678 Treatment effectively addresses both male and female pattern hair loss. Join the over 100,000 successfully treated patients and rediscover the joy of a full head of hair.

Read on to learn why QR 678 hair treatment is the future of hair regrowth and the key differences between QR678 Treatment and PRP Treatment.

Understanding QR678 Treatment

QR 678 Treatment is a groundbreaking non-surgical hair regrowth treatment developed in the USA and patented for its remarkable results. QR 678 Treatment is a revolutionary hair treatment treatment that harnesses the power of plant-derived growth factors to stimulate dormant hair follicles and promote natural hair regrowth. Our non-surgical approach ensures a comfortable and quick procedure, leaving you with no side effects or downtime. With years of research and clinical trials, QR 678 Therapy has emerged as the go-to solution for hair loss, surpassing traditional treatments like PRP. The therapy is administered through multiple sessions, allowing for a gradual improvement in hair thickness, density, and overall appearance.

Advantages of QR678 Treatment

1. Proven Efficacy:

The results of QR 678 Treatment have been nothing short of exceptional. With numerous success stories and satisfied patients, this therapy has earned its reputation as a reliable hair regrowth solution.

2. Non-Surgical Approach:

QR 678 Treatment offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical hair restoration procedures, reducing downtime and minimising any risks associated with surgery.

3. No Side Effects:

As a plant-derived therapy, QR 678 treatment has shown no side effects, making it a safe option for patients seeking effective hair regrowth without the worry of adverse reactions.

4. Indian FDA Approved:

Rest assured that QR 678 Treatment is approved by the Indian FDA, guaranteeing its safety and efficacy in hair restoration treatments.

QR678 Treatment Stands Out for Several Reasons!

1. Enhanced Efficacy:

QR 678 Treatment outperforms traditional PRP treatments by leaps and bounds. Patients have reported noticeable improvements in hair growth, density, and texture.

2. Comprehensive Results:

Whether you suffer from male or female pattern hair loss, QR 678 Treatment caters to both, providing comprehensive solutions for all hair loss concerns.

3. Expertise and Experience:

At Neo Follicle Transplant, our skilled professionals have extensive experience administering QR 678 Treatment, ensuring optimal patient results.

4. Tailored Treatment Plans:

We understand that each patient’s hair loss condition is unique. Hence, we design personalised treatment plans to address individual needs and expectations effectively.

What to Expect During QR 678 Treatment?

1. Consultation:

Your journey with Neo Follicle Transplant begins with an in-depth consultation with our hair restoration specialists. During this session, we assess your hair loss condition, discuss your medical history, and address any concerns you may have.

2. Personalised Treatment Plan:

Based on the evaluation, our experts will create a tailored treatment plan outlining the number of sessions required and the expected timeline for results.

3. QR 678 Treatment Sessions:

The therapy sessions involve precisely administering QR 678 solution into the scalp using microinjections. The procedure is quick, virtually painless, and requires no downtime.

4. Gradual Hair Regrowth:

Following the therapy, you will experience a gradual improvement in hair regrowth, with noticeable changes in hair density, thickness, and texture.

5. Follow-up Visits:

Our team will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan, and provide ongoing support throughout your hair regrowth journey.

The Difference between QR678 Treatment and PRP

1. QR 678 Treatment:

No Blood Draw Required: One of the most significant differences between QR 678 Treatment and PRP is that QR 678 treatment does not require drawing your blood. PRP involves drawing a little amount of your blood, processing it, and injecting it back into your scalp. With QR 678, our plant-derived growth factor solution is directly administered to the scalp using microinjections, making the procedure quicker and more convenient.

2. Plant-Derived Growth Factors:

In QR 678 Treatment, we utilise plant-derived growth factors that are scientifically proven to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair regrowth. These growth factors are more effective and powerful than those in PRP, resulting in superior outcomes.

3. Patent and First-in-Line Treatment:

QR 678 Treatment holds a USA Patent, the first-in-line hair regrowth therapy, setting it apart from conventional PRP treatments. This patented status ensures you receive a unique and groundbreaking solution for your hair loss concerns.

4. Higher Efficacy and Results:

With QR 678 Treatment, patients experience faster and more significant hair regrowth than PRP. Our therapy has shown exceptional results, successfully treating over 100,000 male and female patients.

5. Indian FDA Approved and Safe:

QR 678 Treatment is approved by the Indian FDA, attesting to its safety and efficacy. You can trust our therapy to be a reliable and secure solution for hair regrowth.

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