At Neo Follicle Transplant, we bring you the most specialized form of FUE Hair Transplant in Bangalore, led by the renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra. Our commitment is to provide world-class hair transplant services at the best possible price point, but Neo Follicle Transplant is more than just regaining lost hair. It’s about restoring your complete facial aesthetics and reigniting your self-confidence. It’s the art of merging facial proportions, hair and scalp anatomy, and the surgeon’s precision into “The Fine Art of Hair Transplant.”

Neo Follicle Transplant’s technique represents the pinnacle of implantation technology, delivering 100% natural-looking hair. Our procedures are performed exclusively by MD Dermatologists who adhere to stringent international quality standards to ensure exceptional results. Unlike other hair transplant methods, Neo Follicle Transplant leaves no traces of scalpels, reception incisions, or stitches.

The Neo Follicle FUE Hair Transplant Advantage

With our FUE hair transplant method, our skilled surgeons meticulously extract and implant individual hair follicles one by one in the balding area using a specially designed, state-of-the-art instrument. Our surgeons place each follicle at a precise depth, angle, and direction to harmonize with the natural growth of your hairline and facial features. This attention to detail has earned us the reputation of being the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore. Neo Follicle Transplant is a one-day procedure, allowing patients to leave the same day. Hair growth typically begins after 2-3 months, with complete results visible within 8-10 months. These newly implanted hairs will continue to grow throughout your lifetime.

Setting the Standard for Quality

Neo Follicle Transplant adheres strictly to standard operating procedures for FUE hair transplant to ensure safety, quality, and outstanding results. Our surgeons, consultants, and team members at both NFT clinics follow these standard procedures meticulously.

How Neo Follicle FUE Hair Transplant Works?

Extraction of the Hair Follicle

During the NFT extraction, our specialists select and harvest single follicular units from the safe donor area. Using semi-automated Micromotor devices and Cole’s punches or titanium-tipped serrated punches, we make tiny punch excisions (0.75-0.8mm dia) with minimal handling of grafts.

We take special care to minimize transections or cutting of hair roots, achieving a transection rate of less than 5% in NFT. This ensures optimum yield with minimal bleeding, scarring, pain, or discomfort, and we protect donors for repeat sessions.

Preparation of the Scalp

Our surgeons inject Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) into the area where they will implant the follicles. PRP’s growth factors act as boosters for the transplanted hair follicles. Extracted hair follicles are segregated and preserved in a liquid under specific conditions to enhance growth after implantation.

Implantation of the Hair Follicle

Implantation at NFT clinic is performed using state-of-the-art Lion HT Implanters from Europe, equipped with very thin-diameter built-in needles. Our surgeon and team meticulously implant every single graft, ensuring perfect direction and depth. This precise technique minimizes scarring, and with a no-touch approach, graft handling is minimal.

Our well-trained assistants have assisted in over 6000 hair transplant cases, personally trained by Dr. Sandeep in this state-of-the-art technology. In challenging situations, the surgeon may use specially designed high-quality Saphire blades to make incisions and subsequently implant with the same Implanters.

The result is 100% natural, with optimum density achieved through proper graft distribution, sometimes densely packed up to 50-60 grafts/cm². Neo Follicle Transplant has also successfully corrected many previously botched hair transplant cases with this technology.

Trust Neo Follicle Transplant for a transformative FUE Hair Transplant experience in Bangalore. Contact us today to regain your confidence and natural-looking hair.