Hair Transplant at Cochin
FUE is best choice in following cases
April 2, 2018
follicle transplant Bangalore, kochi
April 2, 2018
Neo Follicle Transplant

Insertion of thicker grafts, unaesthetic hairline design, failure to anticipate future hair loss during planning, hairline restoration resulting in unnatural appearance as the patient age increases ( large bald areas between lateral aspect of parietal hairline and temporal peak caused by recession of temporal areas) can lead to improper results.
Transplant in crown areas in young indivual result in circular or oval area of transplanted hairs growing surrounded by rim of baldness.
As age advances, crown area baldness starts increasing. Hairline can be corrected by placement of 1 and 2 hair follicle unit or graft placed in proper direction to create an irregularly irregular hairline and gradually increasing density in the centre and inserting few grafts beyond the border of existing hairs so that merging is possible.