Diet Essential For Healthy Hair

A healthy diet can strengthen your lustrous locks and help stave off some kinds of hair fall. If your diet is deficient in certain nutrients it could manifest as unhealthy hair and hair fall issues. Here are a few diet tips that will ensure your hair gets all the nutrients it deserves.

  • 1. PROTEIN
  • Hair is largely made of ‘keratin’, which is a type of protein. A diet should be rich in protein to make sure the hair has enough building blocks while undergoing cyclical growth and shedding. Sources of lean protein are best and include fish, chicken, eggs, soy protein, nuts etc
    They play a key role in healthy hair especially Omega 3 fatty acids. Sources of mega 3 fatty acids include- salmon, tuna, cod liver oil, flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds etc
  • 3. Vitamin B7 and B12
    Vitamins B7 (also known as biotin) and vitamin B12 are essential for healthy hair and nails. Vegetarian diets are usually lacking in vitamin B12 and need supplementation. Sources of biotin include- liver, egg took, nuts and seeds, avocado, dairy products. Sources of Vitamin B12 include- meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.
    Iron, magnesium and zinc are some of the trace minerals that help in hair growth and maintenance While the right foods can do wonders for the hair, causes of hair loss can be numerous ranging from genetic , hormonal, autoimmune etc. Hence, it is crucial to visit a qualified dermatologist who can diagnose the root cause of hair loss and take appropriate action, the sooner the better.