Difficult Situations in FUE – Neo Follicle Transplant – Hair Clinic

  1. Acute Effluvium of the Donor Area: 

It’s a very rare condition where donor area also starts to shed hairs because of probably overjealous extraction, punch penetration, decreased blood supply leading to hypoxia etc. Can be medically managed by treatment with Minoxidil, Finasteride, Vitamins etc.

  1. Donor Site depletion:

FUE Surgeon will be cognizant and not deplete the donor area in subsequent FUE sessions. With increase popularity of FUE Hair Transplant technique and clinics growing exponentially by offering their services via internet promising very low prices for higher number of grafts.

Professionals trained in a short time with inadequately developed learning curve but managing mega sessions.

Usage of larger punches to ease extraction instead using correct punch.

Damaging for the perifollicular tissues around Follicular Units.

  1. Hypopigmentation : white dots on donor area

Small punches (.75-.09 mm) are appropriate to minimize hypopigmentation and not using punches above 1mm.

Patients with dark hair and white scalp, the hypopigmentation is more noticeable.

Extracting 2 hairs per graft and leaving partially intact Follicular Units allows extraction in future procedures without much scavenging the Donor area.

This strategy we incorporate at NEO-FOLLICLE TRANSPLANT technique (NFT).

Patients in whom harvesting was performed over a smaller area instead of larger surface area in the donor area. Harvesting that is “spread out” also creates more uniform reduction of the donor density.

  1. Higher Transection Rate/ Cutting of Follicular units:

FUE being a blind technique, innate spatial orientation by the Surgeon in order to harvest good grafts and lowering the Transection rates. Besides delicate graft handling by the technicians, physician should also preserve surrounding tissue around the follicle for optimal results.

  1. Harvesting outside SAFE DONOR AREA (SDA):

Assesing parents or grandparents with severe pattern hair loss Norwood Gr 7

Absence of dense fringe hair, prrsence of diffuse unpatterned hair loss, male pattern hair loss starting before 20 years of age.

Proper trichoscopy and marking safe donor area prior FUE is utmost importance.

  1. Low Graft due to Capping, Burried and Missing grafts:

Improper extraction can lead to these misendeavours.

  1. Technical/Surgical Difficulties:

Choosing right patient for FUE and determine the diameter of the punch, rate of Transection, depth and angle of the cut, size of sebaceous gland, time of harvesting, number of hairs, preservation of grafts etc.

Like any other surgical procedure, FUE is constantly evolving and we at NEO-FOLLICLE TRANSPLANT CLINIC are continually upgrading, learning, customising depending upon client variability of grafts for best graft harvest without damaging the donor area.