This is a very controversial question to answer. 

Usually Transplanted hairs once implanted properly stay for 10-20 years but gradual thinning might happen even for transplanted hairs. Not 100% of the extracted hairs from scalp donor area are resistant to the male hormone Dihydro-Testosterone (DHT) action and some 10-20% of implanted hairs might progressively thin over a period of time.

It also depends upon the individual scalp hair characteristics, that if the donor scalp is very thin, weak and if follicles are in the Telogen phase (resting phase) during extraction, then those implanted hairs mightn’t be permanent.

In certain cases, if the extraction isn’t done properly or hairs are harvested from unsafe donor area instead of the safe donor area (SDA), then the implanted hairs mightn’t be permanent.

Even there are conditions like Reverse Alopecia, DUPA etc where donor area of the scalp is affected and thinning of hairs have already occurred in the donor area, so it’s better to avoid hair transplant in such case scenarios.

At Neo-Follicle Transplant Clinic (NFT), we ensure that only anagen

(growing phase) hair follicles are extracted from the safe donor area (SDA)  by advanced FUE technique and cherry-pick the healthy follicles and eliminating the telogen hairs or thin hair units for optimum and permanent results. Using highly magnified loupes and based on the experience we harvest the healthy follicles in the proportion of 1 out of every 5 follicular units from the donor scalp area, ensuring minimal scarring and better survivability of grafts.

During the consultation and Trichoscopic evaluation at the time of initial meet with the client, a thorough examination of the donor area is carried with a density of follicular units per square cm, the diameter of follicular units, Anagen to Telogen ratio etc which ensures proper counselling with regards to selecting the client for Hair Transplant surgery and discussing about the permanency of the results.