Epigenetic Factors Role in Hair Loss – Neo Follicle Transplant – Hair Clinic

We know that some of us are born with genetic predisposition for hair loss.

But we can develop acquired weakness other than inherent factors making us susceptible to hair loss by continuous repeated exposure to pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, loss of circadian rthym, electromagnetic radiation from gadgets, light from computer screens, these are all epigenetic factors that influence the expression of genes.

They act through ROS (Reactive oxygen species) and cause derangement of cellular function.

ROS can be neutralized or scavenged by proper antioxidants through nutritional support and changing the bad lifestyle.

Genetic hair loss is starting now at a very early age which manifests in the early 20s due to:

  1. Stress causing secretion of stress hormones & substances
  2. Exposure to pollution accumulating ROS
  3. Toxins, chemicals ingested through processed foods
  4. Wrong food choices, poor nutrition
  5. Sedentary lifestyle

Oxidative Stress generated by ROS from external factors as well as excessive ROS formation due to internal metabolic derangements can lead to HAIR LOSS.

Proper nutrition with antioxidants and essential micronutrients is essential to tackle oxidative stress and prevent hair loss and thinning.

LACTOFERRIN stimulates immune system, prevents damage related to ageing, promotes beneficial bacteria in intestinal tract, regulates iron metabolism, improves iron utilization and serum ferritin levels, transports Vit B12, hence promotes HAIR growth and increases dermal papilla cell proliferation.

COLOSTRUM has variety of growth factors such as epithelial growth factors and repairs gastrointestinal tract and treats leaky gut and hence stimulating absorption of essential vitamins and minerals from gut into blood stream.

Not all people exposed to the same cause like pollution levels, stress levels, smoking habits, hard water is having same degree of hair loss.

Hair roots have become weak and that is why they are being hit by the causes. The secret lies in strengthening the hair roots with low dose of nutritional supplements to deliver wellness, good health and hair growth.