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FUT v/s FUE Hair Transplant; What is Best for You?

If you are considering getting a hair transplant, it is crucial to understand the many treatments available to choose the one that best matches your needs. Two prevalent procedures are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). We will compare FUT v/s FUE hair transplant techniques, analyse their benefits, and help you decide which option is best for you in this blog. At Neo Follicle Hair Transplant in Bangalore, we offer expert hair transplant services focusing on natural, long-lasting outcomes. For a consultation, please call 9731 207 940.

FUT Hair Transplantation

FUT, also known as strip harvesting, is the process of taking a strip of skin from the donor location (usually the back of the scalp) and dissecting it into individual hair follicles for transplantation. Here are some essential considerations for FUT hair transplant:

Increased Graft Yield

FUT allows for the extraction of more hair follicles in a single session, making it an excellent choice for patients who want substantial hair restoration.

Visibility of Scars

A linear scar will be left on the donor area because FUT includes a linear incision. The scar, however, can be readily disguised with surrounding hair with good post-operative care and hair growth.


FUT is often less expensive than FUE because it allows for extracting more grafts in less time

FUE Hair Transplantation

Individual hair follicles are removed directly from the donor area during FUE using a micro-punch device. Here are some crucial considerations for FUE hair transplant:

Minimal Scarring

FUE leaves tiny, dot-like scars less apparent than the linear scar left by FUT. Even with short hairstyles, these scars can be easily disguised.

Less Invasive

FUE is less invasive since it does not require a linear incision. It promotes speedier healing and less discomfort during the recovery phase.


FUE is versatile and may be appropriate for patients who retain their hair short or have limited donor hair availability. It also enables selective extraction from other body parts, such as the beard or chest.

FAQs About FUT v/s FUE

Is hair transplantation a long-term remedy for hair loss?

Yes, hair transplantation is a long-term solution because the transplanted hair follicles are resistant to baldness and will grow naturally.

How long does it take for the ultimate results of a hair transplant to be visible?

The transplanted hair follicles typically take many months to begin sprouting. Significant improvements can be noted 6 to 12 months after surgery.

How long does it take to recover from a hair transplant?

Each patient’s recovery time varies. However, most people can resume normal activities within a week. On the other hand, strenuous activities should be avoided for a few weeks to guarantee appropriate healing.

Are hair transplants OK for women?

Yes, hair transplants are appropriate for both men and women with hair loss or thinning. The eligibility will be assessed during a meeting with a hair transplant professional.


The level of hair loss, donor hair availability, and personal preferences all play a role in deciding between FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques. Our professional staff at Neo Follicle Hair Transplant in Bangalore will examine your needs and recommend the best procedure to attain the best outcomes.

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