How Old Is Too Old For Hair Transplant?

This 72 year old man with type VI male pattern baldness has very limited donor areas as well as very fine hair. Interestingly, white hairs produce an optical illusion of more hair than actually present and even grey hairs are not responsive to the androgens or male hormones and for that reason, results after hair transplant are also good and natural.

However, in patients with white, grey or extremely blonde hair, it is imperative to use highly magnifying lenses and proper background lighting while operating since it is difficult to see the hair bulbs and hair shafts. This patient’s pattern of baldness is very stable and will not progress further. I had performed 2500 grafts or approx 4600 hair follicles for hairline, frontotemporal correction from his scalp extracted hairs. Second session we extracted 1000 grafts from the scalp, 600 grafts from the beard and another 600 grafts from body particularly leg area and implanted on the crown or vertex area. The patient got desired results even though he had fine donor area hairs.