Implantation During Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery

Methods Of Implantation During Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery

Are you thinking of getting a hair transplant to solve the problem of your thinning hair? Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery, also known as FUE, is one of the most cutting-edge and successful hair restoration methods. The FUE method of hair transplantation in Bangalore has become increasingly popular due to its natural-looking results and the minimal scarring it causes. The FUE treatment involves the removal of hair follicles from the donor area and their subsequent implantation into the recipient area in order to stimulate new hair growth. In this article, we will discuss the numerous techniques of implantation utilised during FUE surgery, as well as the ways in which these techniques contribute to successful hair restoration.

Neo Follicle Transplant (NFT) using Implanters

NFT using Implanters is a relatively new technique for implanting hair follicles using a specialised instrument called a Choi pen. This hollow needle, which is affixed to the end of the pen, makes it possible to position hair follicles with pinpoint accuracy. NFT using implanters provides several benefits, including the following:

Increased Density

A fuller head of hair is the result of the surgeon implanting hair follicles in a more dense and natural pattern using the Choi pen. This results in a thicker covering on the scalp.

Minimal Trauma

The needle used in the Choi pen is smaller compared to the needles used in standard implantation procedures, so the amount of stress on the scalp is reduced, as is the amount of scarring that results.

Improved Survival Rate

Increased likelihood of survival because NFT using implanters enables rapid implantation of hair follicles, cutting down on the time those follicles spend outside the body. Because of this, their chances of surviving and growing well are increased.

Slit Technique

During FUE surgery, the slit technique is another approach that is often utilised for implanting hair follicles. In this method, a recipient region of the scalp is given a series of minimal cuts or slits, and then individual hair follicles are transplanted into each of these cuts or slits.

The Following Are Some of the Advantages Offered by the Slit Technique:

Customisable Hairline

The surgeon can carefully manage the angle, direction, and density of hair growth by making customised slits, which ultimately results in a hairline that seems to be completely natural.

Efficient Procedure

Compared to other procedures, the slit approach enables faster implantation of hair follicles, reducing the total amount of time required for the surgical procedure.

Enhanced Graft Survival

The graft survival rate can be optimised, which leads to superior hair growth outcomes.

Stick and Place Technique

The stick-and-place method requires the use of a fragile needle or a microblade to make a series of very small punctures in the area of the recipient. Following the creation of the punctures, individual hair follicles are subsequently inserted directly into each of these punctures.

The Following Benefits are Available When Utilising This Method:

Precise Placement:

Stick-and-place is a technique that allows for the controlled and accurate insertion of hair follicles. Accurate placement is made possible by this approach.

Reduced Tissue Damage:

The needle or micro-blade only makes small punctures in the skin, there is far less damage to the surrounding tissue.

Natural-Looking Results

Stick and place extensions produce natural-looking results. This is made possible because the procedure mimics the natural growth pattern of hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FUE Hair Transplant Technique Appropriate for Women?

The FUE hair transplant technique is an excellent alternative for women going through hair loss. The process has the potential to successfully restore hair density and improve the appearance of the hair in general.

When the Hair is Transplanted, How Long Does it Take to Grow Again?

The natural shedding of the transplanted hair usually takes many weeks after the FUE surgery. New hair growth will commence from 3-4 months, and noticeable changes should be visible about 6-9 months.

Will the Hair that has been Transplanted Appear Natural?

Yes, one of the most significant benefits of FUE hair transplant is that it produces results that look completely natural.

Is FUE Hair Transplant a Lasting Solution?

The FUE hair transplant method provides a long-term answer to the hair loss problem. The hair follicles that have been transplanted are immune to the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone responsible for hair loss, and they continue to develop normally in their new place after the transplantation procedure.

In conclusion, FUE hair transplant provides individuals looking to restore their hairline and regain their confidence. Skilled surgeons can produce outcomes that appear natural by using various implantation techniques.