Post Pregnancy Hair Loss (POS-PARTUM ALOPECIA) – Neo Follicle Transplant – Hair Loss Treatment Clinic

  • Temporary hair loss ~experienced at the end of a pregnancy
  • Very little hair loss during pregnancy 
  • Sudden and excessive shedding from 3-9 months after delivery
  • Estrogen stimulates hair follicles ~ anagen growing phase ~ hair does not cycle as it normally would.

After child is born ~ estrogen level drops 

  • ~ hair enters the catagen and telogen phase
  • ~ very traumatic 
  • Hair loss ~ returns to normal one year
  • Treatment includes hair vitamins like Biotin, Iron supplement, calcium, vit D,
  • Antioxidants including omega 3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q etc.
  • Topical PEPTIDE hair serum like Procapil, Biocapil etc