The Philosophy of FUE Hair Transplant Bangalore

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method done by taking individual hairs from your skin and inserting them into another area of the body where hair is scarce. FUE hair transplant in Bangalore has become increasingly popular because it is less invasive than follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which often results in an undesirable “plugged” look. With FUE, surgeons use small punches to extract single hairs and insert them into the desired location. This usually leaves little-to-no signs that any sort of procedure was done. Here is this article we will understand FUE Hair Transplant Philosophy.

Safety About FUE

An FUE hair transplant procedure in Bangalore is safe, with only minor potential side effects like tiny white scars where follicles were extracted. In rare cases, there could be infection or tissue death at the surgery site. You may feel temporary side effects that will disappear after a few days. These might include swelling, bruising, and sensitivity.

FUE Hair Transplant Convenience

FUE is often done in multiple sessions that last 2-4 hours each over the course of several days. In very rare cases, a “mega session” may last up to 12 hours. FUE is an outpatient procedure so that you can go home after each surgery.

You won’t need to alter your daily routine after FUE, but avoid submerging the area in water or any vigorous exercise for a week.

FUE recovery is fast. You might have had some swelling or pain for around three days. Don’t wash your hair or take showers for the first three days. After those initial days, use only gentle shampoos that are unscented until a few weeks have passed. Give your scalp a break by taking off work for a few days. Also, avoid combing or brushing your new hair for at least three weeks.

Getting the Best Care and Knowing FUE Hair Transplant Philosophy

Find a surgeon who takes a holistic approach to administering FUE treatment. The best surgeons know that hair transplants are both an art and a science. They will consider your facial proportions as well as the anatomy of your hair and scalp in designing your treatment.